Your Story < God's Story

    Have you guys heard of the mobile game called My Story yet? It says you can “choose your own adventure and write your life.” It gives you a series of scenarios, ridiculous and serious decisions, and lets your virtual self live out those decisions and see long-term results. Once you decide, there’s no back button to undo that decision, even if it is just a bad outfit choice! You get to pick your name, but from then on, you basically have two different choices when a decision must be made.

    In real life, when we are put in a position where we must make a choice, it can be scary, but it can also be simple. Do I choose what I want? What they want? …but us Christians have a third option. Yup, you guessed it: What Would Jesus Do? 

    See, God already has your story written out! He has already made all the hard decisions for us! How awesome is that?! He knows the best answer to any problem we may have at any point in life. Sadly, He doesn’t give us each a book entitled “Ashley’s Life Story” with all the decisions I need to make written down. (Boy, wouldn’t that be handy, though?!)  

    Anytime we must make a choice, all we gotta do is pray, “God, what should I do?”.

Now, the next part is tricky. After we ask, we must LISTEN for his answer. Sometimes, it comes right to our brains…other times, we must wait a few hours or days before we hear back. We may even be tempted to just decide on our own without his help. No matter how long it takes, we must remind each other to wait on God’s leading.

    Of course, then the most difficult part is making the right decision. Sometimes, it’s not what our friends think is the coolest or what our culture tells us to. But we have faith that God would not lead us to the wrong decision. If we find ourselves making a wrong decision, then we backtrack and find out who we listened to instead and make a mental note to turn towards God next time.

    When we think about our future, we know every decision we make effects our future and realistically, we gotta know that we won’t always make the best decision, but we can always strive to make more right decisions today than we did yesterday, and so on.

    I believe we can do it. Who’s with me?!