Many visions of service include going to someplace you’ve never been before and working with those who are different than you. There are many different forms of service, and one of those is serving those you see on a daily basis.

We have youth in our group from ALAH School District, Arthur Christian School, and Arcola High School.
We understand that while we come from different areas, we are able to better understand the bible
BECAUSE of these many different view points and so it a beautiful thing when we are all together.
Come join us to add more to the mix!

JrYouth Mission Stay

Four days during the month of June, our junior high youth spent nights at the youth house with one another. Each day, we connected with a variety of missions right here in our own community and surrounding neighborhoods. (within 60 miles). This was an awesome opportunity for us because not only were we able to serve, but we were able to see all the exciting work that is being done right in our own back yard! We are hoping to do this again in the years to come!