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Where Are We Going?


Our Next Mission Trip will be the Summer of 2020!


Where Have We Been?



Our Last Mission Trip in the Summer of 2018 was to SWAP (Sharing with Appalachian People) in Harlan, KY! We learned of the Appalachian culture and how to put siding on a home!

You can check out their website for more info!



Christmas Time

Instead of doing a group gift exchange, our group chooses to pull our resources together and work with The Salvation Army of Champaign and the Adopt-A-Family program. Every Christmas, we adopt a family to provide for! Check out their website for more volunteer opportunities:


Denver, Colorado June 2016

In the summer of 2016, we spent a week-long mission trip to Denver, CO to work with
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Staten Island, New York June 14th-22nd, 2014

Serving with Mennonite Disaster Service June 14th-22nd, the AMC Youth went on a journey of bringing healing and hope to the discouraged community of Staten Island, New York. You can sense the excitement from the youth because they have willingly decided to meet at 6am on a Saturday morning to start the trip. While there, they will be interacting with the local community while helping to rebuild the neighborhood.

For more information on MDS and their work in Staten Island, check out this video:


Atlanta, Georgia July 15-2, 2012

Serving with Mennonite Mission Network During the week of July 15th-21st the AMC youth group served in Atlanta, Georgia with Mennonite Mission Network through its Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection (DOOR) program. The DOOR program works with over 30 different ministries in the city that provide support to the social justice issues in the inner city. The volunteer groups who participate are divided into teams of 4-6 people and given assignments that can include interacting with homeless people at shelters and soup kitchens, making and delivering meals for home-bound AIDS & cancer patients, working with folks with mental and physical disabilities, and sorting food and clothes at distribution centers. During our week of service in Atlanta there were two other youth groups there, which gave us a total of over 70 volunteers for the week. Our youth worked hard on the urban Mennonite farm digging post holes and weeding the garden. We worked at a daycare, packaged over 1000 meals in less than 4 hours, and fed homeless on the street corner.

As we reflected on our experience in the city we realized that many of our perceptions regarding the homeless and others who are marginalized are not always correct. Our group began to understand some of the circumstances that contribute to making it difficult for many to get out of the despair in which they live. As we shared with these people through the DOOR program, it was amazing to see so many different people and denominations showing God’s mercy. It was an awesome week as we experienced God’s work in the city. For more about the DOOR program visit


Photos from out trip to Atlanta!


Elkorn, West Virginia June 13-19, 2010

A Service Adventure with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Serving Through SWAP

On June 13


, eight youth and eleven adults from Arthur Mennonite Church left on a week-long mission trip to Elkhorn, West Virginia to serve the people of Appalachia. A Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) ministry called Sharing With Appalachian People (SWAP) provided the mission opportunity.

SWAP provides food and lodging for groups who come to the area to serve for a week. SWAP has coordinators living in the area that are responsible for material purchases, work assignments and supervision of the jobs. This organization serves the low-income homeowners of the poorest county in West Virginia. SWAP has been in this area for many years and works with other local service and outreach organizations such as SAFE. Stop Abusive Family Environments (SAFE) owns the house that SWAP participants stay at for their week of service and many of the work projects at the Elkhorn location are received from the SAFE program. The group from Arthur Mennonite spent the week working on four different job sites. One home was re-shingled and another received a totally new roof because of the severe leaks in the old one. Some of the others in the group spent time mudding drywall and painting. There was also a small room addition put on a house that included building walls and setting the rafters. The homeowners were very appreciative of the help from Arthur Mennonite and continually expressed their gratitude. It was a week that was challenging and rewarding for everyone involved and reminded the participants how richly blessed they are.

For more information about (SWAP) Sharing With Appalachian People, visit their website at Photos from our trip to West Virginia!

New Orleans, Louisiana June 7-14, 2008

A Service Trip with Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) On June 7, the youth group along with their leaders headed to New Orleans to spend a week working at MDS sites in the ninth ward and other parts of the city. The youth worked at four different houses that were all in different stages of construction at the time. Two of the homes were complete rebuilds and the other two were being remodeled. Even though the days were hot and humid much work was accomplished. On one house the roof was shingled and the siding was completed. The second home was almost complete and the youth spent time painting, caulking and finishing the trim inside. The third house was ready for drywall and several youth spent the majority of their week hanging sheetrock. The fourth house needed the old roof torn off and new sheeting put on it.

Everyone enjoyed the week of work and getting to know the homeowners. The people were very grateful for all the work that was accomplished on their homes. Since our time there one of the families has been able to move in their new home and sent us pictures of the house blessing. Evidence of Katrina’s devastation can still be seen and there are many homes and businesses in the city that still need to be rebuilt. Mennonite Disaster Service expects to be in New Orleans for ten years helping rebuild and restore the lives of those effected by this disaster.
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