Here We Go!!!!

Some of you may be excited for new things; some of you may be tired of it. You’ll have new leaders, you have a new school year starting and we will have a new group here soon (Shout out to our incoming freshman, woot!); there seems to be a lot of newness happening at this time. All of these are exciting things!

Thankfully, we will be starting new normal now. Back in school and youth times have been set and family schedules are back on track so you can start planning things around that.

Well, guys, I’m here to tell ya, I have some pretty awesome things up my sleeve for us this year and I’m so excited to share them with you, when the time is right. So stick with me, there will be some surprises and I’ve worked in some favorite activities that you’ve shared with me. But most importantly, the Bible is bursting with answers to our questions and I’m SUPER excited for us to dig into that!

So I know it may seem like I’ll be asking a lot from you, but remember what we heard repeated many times at Convention, when GOD SHOWS UP, amazing things happen.

So the only thing I’m asking of you for now, is to SHOW UP! In order for let God work in us, we need to spend time learning his word and what he wants, so coming to youth and digging into this year’s theme ‘Firmly Founded’ is a great place to start!

Let’s see where God takes us!

 Blessings to ya!